Treatment and Management

At Adelaide Neurosurgery Centre we are committed to providing you with the education to understand your diagnosis, treatment plan and management choices. Dr Harding’s expertise includes minimally invasive spinal surgery and complex spinal surgery, complex vascular aneurysm surgery and complex cranial (brain) surgery.

Dr Harding works closely with you and your General Practitioner to optimise your care and achieve effective health care outcomes. Dr Harding and her dedicated team will guide you through what can be an anxious and uncertain time. We support you through your journey in preparing for surgery, your stay in hospital and the months following your surgery with physiotherapy and rehabilitation guidance.

Dr Harding is supported by the Calvary Adelaide Hospital and the Memorial Hospital, providing access to a dedicated neurosurgical theatre and ward team, state of the art equipment, the latest technologies and private room access.

Neurosurgical Treatment - Marguerite Harding

Dr Marguerite Harding’s expertise encompasses minimally invasive spinal surgery through to complex brain surgery, providing you with excellence in surgical care for:

Peripheral nerve surgery

Vascular surgery - Arteriovenous malformations

Brain tumours including skull base tumours