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Your Preferred Trigeminal Neuralgia Surgery Specialist in Adelaide

Suppose you suffer from severe facial pain that is impacting your life and that of your family; in that case, you need to contact your experienced trigeminal neuralgia surgery surgeon in Adelaide to ease the pain. Our experts employ both medical and surgical methods, with the commonest referred to as carbamazepine to treat this condition.

Dr. Harding and the team have over 20 years of experience dealing with different conditions, assuring you that regardless of your condition’s complexity, you can have professional medical and surgical care. That is why, at Adelaide Neurosurgery Centre, we first assess before recommending.

Our surgical management involves an injection in your cheek or a brain operation, depending on your circumstances. Whichever treatment method we advise you to undertake, you can rest assured of the best possible outcome and full support for your total recovery. Therefore, with us, you can expect a surgery successfully conducted by qualified surgeon with the most advanced surgical skills and equipment.

Trigeminal Neuralgia Surgery Adelaide
Trigeminal Neuralgia Surgery Adelaide

Reasons to Choose Our Trigeminal Neuralgia Surgery Specialist in Adelaide

Whether facial pain has occurred due to an injury or infection of your facial structure like the eyes, teeth and jaw, or you have trigeminal neuralgia disorder, our trigeminal neuralgia surgery specialist in Adelaide can help ease the pain.

Trigeminal neuralgia disorder affects the trigeminal nerve that carries facial sensations like pain, pressure and temperature to the brain. When diagnosed with the condition, you are likely to be experiencing sharp shooting pain on the side of the jaw, usually brought on by a simple actions such as touching your face, brushing your teeth or even a cool breeze. You may also experience mild pain attacks, which become more painful as the condition progresses. The pain may be discomforting, hence the need to consult our trigeminal neuralgia surgeon for a thorough physical examination.

What Our Surgeon Do Before Conducting a Trigeminal Neuralgia Surgery On Our Patients in Adelaide

At Adelaide Neurosurgery Centre, our trigeminal neuralgia surgery specialist understands the importance of a neurological examination before conducting the surgery in Adelaide. The examination helps determine the location and cause of the pain besides examining the trigeminal nerve and its branches. Furthermore, at this point, we might be required to order an imaging study, like an MRI, to assist us in identifying a tumour or other cause of pain.

The condition is mainly treated using medications like anticonvulsants, muscle relaxants, antiseizure or antidepressants, which assists in controlling systems by blocking the pain. However, at Adelaide Neurosurgery Centre, we offer surgery if the above medications are ineffective or produce intolerable side effects. We specialise in minimally invasive surgical procedures which decompress the trigeminal nerve by shifting the compressing blood vessels. Our professionally conducted procedure assures peace of mind and instant facial pain relief from trigeminal neuralgia.


Trigeminal Neuralgia Surgery Adelaide

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