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Experienced Spine Surgeon in Adelaide

Our spine surgeon in Adelaide has extensive experience and advanced training in managing your spinal conditions. We are a neurosurgery clinic with over five years of serving Adelaide residents. Dr Marguerite Harding has over 20 years of experience, so you can rest assured that you are dealing with a professional. Dr Harding is a respected neurosurgeon interested in brain tumours and spinal diseases, and is committed to providing her patients with complete care, compassion, and education.

At Adelaide Neurosurgery Centre, we train our team to ensure that they provide top-notch services. We will support you through the journey and provide you with the necessary information to decide about your medical and surgical care. We also ensure that you experience minimal wait times by offering prompt consultations. Our team will attend to any urgent referral within three days and other referrals within a week.

Spine Surgeon Adelaide
Spine Surgeon Adelaide

Signs That You Need a Spine Surgeon in Adelaide

We recommend seeing our spine surgeon in Adelaide to determine whether you need spine surgery. Some back problems respond to non-surgical solutions, but others require surgery. Here are some signs that you might need back surgery.

  • Persistent Back and Neck Pain
    Acute back pain is anywhere between a few days to a few weeks. This may sound like a short period, but it may feel like forever for people struggling to walk, stand up or sit. Please visit our clinic if this is your condition.
  • Radiating Pain to Your Legs and Arms
    When you have backache accompanied by arm and leg pain, it means that a nerve root on your spine is taking pressure. Our experts will diagnose you and offer suitable recommendations.
  • Severe Symptoms and Trauma
    Our professionals may recommend surgery if an emergency and trauma cause back pain and associated symptoms. Emergencies include accidents and other events resulting from chronic conditions.

Contacting Our Adelaide Spinal Surgeon

You do not need to keep suffering from back pain when you can seek help from our spinal surgeon in Adelaide. Consulting with experts is the only way to get the proper diagnosis and treatment. We offer different ways to make an appointment so that you can feel comfortable and free. Our in-centre appointment schedules include;

  • Tuesday: 9.00 am – early evening
  • Wednesday: 9.00 am – late evening
  • Friday: 9.00 am – late evening

Saturday appointments are available on request. You can contact our receptionist to arrange a date and time that suits you. We also offer online or phone appointments if you do not want to attend in person. However, online and phone appointments have limitations since you may require a further in-person consultation. Please get in touch with one of our friendly staff to help you find a suitable time for your appointment with the relevant information to attend in your preferred format.

Spine Surgeon Adelaide

Please visit our Adelaide spinal surgeon, even if you think you have a minor problem.