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Experienced Craniotomy Specialist in Adelaide

With the most experienced and qualified neurosurgeon, we assure you will achieve the best treatment if you have been diagnosed with a brain tumour and require craniotomy services in Adelaide. Our lead surgeon, Dr Harding, has been in the profession for over 15 years and is well-experienced in treating brain, spine, and nerve conditions. Dr Harding graduated from the University of Cape Town and commenced her advanced Neurosurgical training with mentors at the Royal Adelaide Hospital. Therefore, you can rest assured that qualified surgeon will conduct your craniotomy procedure.

At Adelaide Neurosurgery Centre, we understand the anxiety that patients feel when coming for a consultation with probable outcomes of a recommended surgery. That is why Dr Harding focuses on individual treatment care and the journey to full recovery. In addition, through our partnership with Survivorship Diary, we will support you and your family in managing treatment and your lifestyle after the surgery.

Craniotomy Adelaide
Craniotomy Adelaide

Professional Craniotomy Surgery in Adelaide

At Adelaide Neurosurgery Centre, we are equipped with state-of-the-art skills and equipment, ensuring that you will be professionally attended to by our qualified craniotomy surgeon in Adelaide. The surgery involves cutting a bond opening in the skull whereby a bone flap is removed to attend to the brain underneath. Depending on the reason for the operation and the location of the problem in the brain, craniotomy sizing can be small or large. A smaller craniotomy is possible at Adelaide Neurosurgery Centre if your abnormalities are deep in the brain.

Our surgeon can attend to you whether you have been diagnosed with brain growths, brain cancers, infections, abscesses, brain swelling, blood vessel abnormalities, or traumatic head injuries. After a succession of operations, we almost always replace the bone flap, which is done with tiny plates and screws made of titanium. Our team offer support from the initial appointment, during operation to recovery.


Customised Craniotomy Surgery Adelaide

At Adelaide Neurosurgery Centre, we customise our craniotomy surgeries in Adelaide to meet your needs. The size and depth of the problem are examined, and your neurosurgeon determines the craniotomy that is right for you. Our team also considers whether you have had another surgery before.

Most of the craniotomies are performed with our patients awake, in that the skin over your head, the skull and the membrane have sensation, but the brain does not. You will not feel anything during the operation. When conducting the surgery, the patient is tested, minimising injuries to sensitive parts by detecting irreversible damage. Your brain recovery is dependent on several factors, including:

  • The severity of brain injury and condition
  • The complexity of the operation performed
  • Duration of the surgery
  • Anaesthetic you require
  • Age and general health
  • Prior surgeries
  • Conclusion emerging during, or immediately following the surgery


Craniotomy Adelaide

If you require the services of a craniotomy specialist in Adelaide, call our team to book an appointment and consultation.