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Undergo Cervical Spine Surgery in a World-Class Clinic

The goal of cervical spine surgery is to help our patients go back to their daily life activities. People who undergo this procedure experience pain relief in their neck, shoulders, and arms. At Adelaide Neurosurgery Centre, we have an experienced and fully qualified team to help you with your spinal problems. We have provided Adelaide residents with quality brain and spinal surgeries for over five years. Dr Marguerite Harding has over 20 years of experience, giving you peace of mind that we are experts in our field.

Our neurosurgeon, Dr Marguerite Harding, specialises in brain tumour and spinal diseases, and she is a respected female neurosurgeon in Adelaide. She works with an experienced team specialising in different medical fields. Our team uses its knowledge and experience to deliver a consistently positive experience for patients and referrals. We are here to care for you and ensure you are completely healed. 

Cervical Spine Surgery
Cervical Spine Surgery

What is Cervical Spine Surgery?

Dr Harding performs cervical spine surgery to treat nerve or spinal cord impingement, spinal stability and cervical radiculopathy. The procedure alleviates pain or discomfort by joining two or more vertebrates in your neck, making it more stable. Your neck may feel stiff after the surgery, but it will improve within four or six weeks. A therapist plays a significant role in the recovery period since they can assist you in strengthening your neck muscles. Some people can notice improvements early. However, you may experience neck pain and headaches until the collar is completely discontinued.

The healing process is unique for each patient. However, you can talk to Dr Harding about the correct posture and movements to facilitate quick recovery. Avoid engaging in heavy activities and only do what you feel comfortable doing. Also, do not miss your appointments and stick to what our neurosurgeon and physiotherapist advise.


Cervical Spine Surgery Near You

We know that surgery can be scary. Fortunately, Dr Harding and her team will guide you through the procedure. They will support you in preparing for surgery, your stay in the hospital, and the months following your surgery. We will offer physiotherapy and rehabilitation guidance to ensure you return to your health. So, do be afraid to book an appointment with us. We guarantee that you are in safe hands. 

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Please talk to our friendly receptionist today to streamline the booking for your appointment with Dr Harding for cervical spine surgery.