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Adelaide Neurosurgeon Focused On the Best Outcomes for Patients

As an experienced neurosurgeon in Adelaide, Dr. Harding has over 15 years of experience treating brain, nerve, and spine conditions. Dr. Harding specialises in minimally invasive spinal surgery, complex vascular aneurysm surgery, and complex cranial (brain) surgery. Our team will always support you through your journey, providing you with the necessary information to make an informed decision about the best medical and surgical care.

To optimise your care and achieve effective health care outcomes, our team works closely with you and your general practitioner. A surgery appointment can sometimes make you anxious and uncertain, contributing to your need for a comforting and supportive professional. Our team will ensure that you have a smooth journey, from preparing for the surgery to during and after the surgery. Our team of physiotherapists will also guide your recovery, giving you the most suitable exercises and care until you are fully fit.


Neurosurgeon Adelaide
Neurosurgeon Adelaide

The Most Preferred Neurosurgeon in Adelaide

    As the leading neurosurgeon in Adelaide, we understand that people feel stressed and often get the unnerving news that they have been diagnosed with a condition that needs immediate surgery. However, it may not always be the case, hence the need to speak to a qualified surgeon with experience to discuss your further options. At Adelaide Neurosurgery Centre, we have the expertise and skills to treat even the rarest of conditions like brain aneurysms.

    Whether the condition has occurred at a stage in your life or is inborn, our team can carefully examine you using the latest skills and technologically advanced equipment to ensure that you are treated correctly, resulting in a better, healthier future. We believe in offering long-lasting medical and surgical care to our patients; hence when treating you, we ensure that we have addressed the root cause of your problem rather than treating the symptoms only.

    Book an Appointment with Your Neurosurgeon in Adelaide

    You can book an appointment with our neurosurgeon in Adelaide through our various platforms by calling our friendly receptionists. We can arrange the most convenient time for you, considering that you might have a tight schedule due to work and business when you contact us. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have also introduced other flexible appointment booking platforms. With this, you can be attended by our team in the comfort of your home with a chance to ask pressing questions.

    When attending a face-to-face appointment with us, we advise you to carry with you the following documents for a seamless process; valid referral letter, Medicare card/DVA/pension card, private medical insurance information, and all relevant X-rays/MRI/CT and other relevant medical results.

    If you have an emergency, you can call us, and an ambulance will be dispersed to your location immediately. Our team will attend to you instantly, ensuring that we minimise your pain and restore your comfort as soon as possible.


    Neurosurgeon Adelaide

    Adelaide Neurosurgery Centre is your reliable neurosurgeon in Adelaide who ensures that you are provided with the necessary medical support leading to a full recovery.