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The Survivorship Diary is a resource to help patients and their families manage their treatment and lifestyle after a brain or other cancer diagnosis.

Created by Cassandra Bennett, whom is a mother, daughter, wife, athlete and accountant and whom in July 2018 was diagnosed with a Grade 2 astrocytoma, a slower growing, but intrusive brain tumour.

This resource was developed by her to provide a tool for patients and their families to keep track of and manage the often overwhelming information, appointments and specialists required during the treatment of a diagnosis like this, and the journey that it requires.  

It covers everything from initial diagnosis, surgical and other treament notes, mental and emotional wellbeing management through to financial management, partner support and more.

To read and download this amazing resource please click here.

We would like to show our gratitude to Cassandra, her family, her support network, and her foundation partners, for building and allowing the use of this  compassionate and incredibly useful resource to our patient community.

Marguerite Harding - Adelaide Neurosurgen
Marguerite Harding - Adelaide Neurosurgen