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The Experienced Spinal Specialist Near Me

Our spinal specialistnear me’ works closely with physiotherapists and other professionals to ensure seamless, safe, and comfortable care. Adelaide Neurosurgery Centre has provided comprehensive care to patients for over five years. Dr Marguerite Harding has more than 20 years of experience and is supported by the Calvary Adelaide Hospital and Flinders Private Hospital. We have access to a dedicated neurosurgical theatre and ward team, state-of-the-art equipment, the latest technologies and private rooms.

We are happy and willing to optimise your care to achieve effective health care outcomes. Our team will guide you through what can be an anxious and uncertain time. We support you through your journey in preparing for surgery, your stay in hospital and the months following your surgery with physiotherapy and rehabilitation guidance. We are professionals and will go above and beyond to ensure you return to your healthy life.

Spinal Specialist Near Me
Spinal Specialist Near Me

Understand Your Back Pain Cause and Treatment with a Spinal Specialist ‘Near Me’

Persistent back pain can be devastating, and only a spinal specialist ‘near me’ can diagnose the problem. Most people go for over-the-counter pain killers when they need a professional check-up. At Adelaide Neurosurgery Centre, we provide various appointment schedules to suit you. You can also request an early morning or Saturday appointment if you have a busy schedule on other days. Dr Harding is happy to offer the benefits of face-to-face clinical examination, including the opportunity for direct examination, timely testing, and the chance to meet your doctor in person.

We also offer online or phone appointments for those who cannot travel. However, Dr Harding may request you come to the clinic for further assessment. Our specialist will serve you regardless of your spinal problem. We know that visiting a surgeon is an out-of-the-ordinary event. However, we will give you the necessary information to help you decide about your medical and surgical care.

Contacting the Spinal Specialist Near Me

When you visit a spinal specialist ‘near me’, they will conduct the necessary examination to determine the problem. They will then advise accordingly, depending on the nature of your injury. We are compassionate and offer minimal wait times. Our team understands how it feels to live with back pain and will not keep you waiting. We attend to urgent referrals within three days and other referrals within one week. A pre-appointment MRI scan may apply to you, reducing your wait time. Dr Harding will manage your medical and surgical care from the outset of your first appointment.

Adelaide Neurosurgery Centre has a friendly team that encourages questions during your consultation. These queries generate a better understanding of your situation. We also have a streamlined process, allowing us to offer care for your needs effectively. Do not hesitate to contact our team if you have a spinal problem.

Spinal Specialist Near Me

Adelaide Neurosurgery Centre’s dedicated spinal specialist ‘near me’ is trusted to perform complex and minor spinal treatment and procedures. Call our team today for more information.