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Professional Treatment From Your Neck Pain Specialist in Adelaide

If you are suffering from neck pain or neck stiffness, our neck pain specialist in Adelaide can help. Our physiotherapists are incredibly passionate about improving your health ensuring that you can perform at your best. Whether you want to compete well in sports or actively engage in your children’s activities, you can rely on us for your neck pain solutions. At Adelaide Neurosurgery Centre, you can have the peace of mind knowing that our team will assess you thoroughly and employ effective treatment backed by recent research.

We do not just believe in treating you, but instead, we examine you and help you to understand the source of your pain and professionally help manage this pain to prevent future issues. With our experience, we will ensure that we treat the cause of your problem rather than the symptoms. We treat all kinds of neck pains, whether emerging from an injury or pains that suddenly begin after no injury.


Neck Pain Specialist Adelaide
Neck Pain Specialist Adelaide

Neck Pain Specialist Adelaide – Common Types of Neck Pains We Treat

    When you visit our neck pain specialist in Adelaide, we will assess which part of your daily life and work routines contribute to your pain. To relieve the pain, our specialist will evaluate you and expose you to hands-on physio treatment, and advise you of some change of routines with recommended exercises to strengthen weak muscles and lengthen tight muscles.

    If you have been experiencing postural neck pains, it may take longer to disappear. Sometimes your muscles may not have the capacity to keep you sitting or standing for a long period of time without experiencing pain. Our specialist will assess and offer long-term strategies to rectify the underactive muscles. Furthermore, at Adelaide Neurosurgery Centre, we recommend treating neck pains varying from patient to patient. Therefore, the treatment method we recommend depends on the cause of the pain, its severity, and the area in which it is located.

    Your Trusted Neck Pain Specialist in Adelaide

    Our neck pain specialist in Adelaide will advise you on the differences between neck and nerve pain and recommend the proper treatment. This is because some conditions that affect your neck or back may result in a pinched nerve, hence the need for a specialist to determine what pain you are experiencing.

    At Adelaide Neurosurgery Centre, we have dealt with an array of patients, thus understanding that not everyone with back or neck pain will suffer nerve pain, although it is not uncommon. Whatever the pain, it is almost a certainty that it can be debilitating and discomforting. Our concern is your comfort, and we can reduce your pain when you contact us and book an appointment with our specialist.

    After your first visit, we will consider the correct diagnostics, whether X-ray or MRI and refer you to a surgeon. Russell Turbill, our physiotherapist, will empower you through simple and mechanically driven education, exercises, and treatment for your full recovery.


    Neck Pain Specialist Adelaide

    Contact our team for an appointment with our friendly neck pain specialist in Adelaide for a positive outcome and care.