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Professional Laminectomy Surgery in Adelaide

If you are a patient with spinal stenosis and are looking for a medical professional to help relieve leg pains, our laminectomy surgery services in Adelaide can assist. Our team can attend to you if you are experiencing spinal stenosis with symptoms such as leg pains that worsen when walking and are relieved with bending forward and rest. With the leadership of Dr. Harding, supported by other various surgeon, you can rely on us for surgery with the highest chance of relieving the pains.

We are concerned about your safety and comfort, which means that when you visit us for a consultation, we will provide a comfortable atmosphere and ensure that you feel at ease. We specialise in minimally invasive procedures to free the nerves from being compressed, thereby generating more room within the spinal canal. The spinal nerves may be compressed due to age-related wear and tear of the spine, excessive stress, and strain causing weakening of the spinal disc.

Laminectomy Surgery Adelaide
Laminectomy Surgery Adelaide

Laminectomy Surgery Procedure in Adelaide

After the initial examinations and you are referred for a procedure, our laminectomy surgery specialist in Adelaide carefully carries out the surgery. Laminectomy surgery involves removing the flat bone and the spinous process between them, thereby exposing the spinal cord or the membrane with the spinal nerves. After that, our surgeon safely remove the bone since the spine’s stability is related to the facet joint and the intervertebral disc and associated ligaments.

At our clinic and with our procedure, you can have peace of mind that there will be no long-term jeopardy effects. You can rest assured of the best surgical outcomes and a strong focus on minimal complications with us. Our comfortable atmosphere is contributed to with the privacy of our rooms that we offer each patient during the surgery and the recovery period.


Get in Touch with Us and Book an Appointment for Your Laminectomy Surgery in Adelaide

Our laminectomy surgery specialists in Adelaide will attend to you during the consultation and answer any questions you might have. We have multiple platforms you can contact us through in regard to your issue, and we can work within your schedule. If you are busy due to your business or work schedules, you can take advantage of our flexible evening appointments and Saturdays if you so request. You no longer have to wait for a long duration after contacting us. Besides, we attend to emergency calls, and you can dial our emergency number if you need us immediately.

Should you have any health concerns after a successful surgery procedure with us, you can contact us during our business hours. Our reception team will relay your message to Dr. Harding as soon as possible. We pride ourselves on excellent surgical care, focused on less painful procedures, and with a support assurance from Survivorship Diary.

Laminectomy Surgery Adelaide

We advise our patients on the possible risks from our laminectomy surgery in Adelaide. Our success rate is high, which means you can rest assured of our full support throughout the journey.