The lower back, or lumbar spine, is a well-engineered structure of interconnecting bones, joints, nerves, ligaments, and muscles all working together to provide support, strength, and flexibility. However, this complex structure also leaves it susceptible to injury and pain.

When lower back pain does strike it is often debilitating, scary and a little overwhelming to cope with. However, it is important to manage this pain, take the time to try and understand what your body is telling you and follow a planned recovery strategy that can be flexible.

This short two minute animated video produced by the American Association of Neurological Surgeons  details how and when lower back pain can be triggered, how common this type of pain is, and what symptoms to look for if it is caused by something more serious that needs immediate attention. It also provides useful advice on a sequence of strategies that can be employed, the order in which to employ these strategies, and an indication of time around these, to heal and treat the pain and injury.

Please watch it here.

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